Microbiological Postal Sampling

Microbiological Postal Sampling

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Swimming pool and spas microbiological water sampling service. Take back ownership of your swimming pool or spa microbiological testing with our remote postal service. Order the sampling packs online and receive a supply so that you may test your swimming pool or spa monthly at your own please.

The packs come with written instructions and video guidance on how to sample in-line with the current PWTAG Technical Note 27.

Samples are processed in the United Kingdom at a UKAS Approved laboratory. With certification being provided online. The service also includes professional advice from swimming pool experts in the event of a positive sample.

We also offer Legionella testing as part of the service which are required on a quarterly basis in line with HSG 282.

What’s in the box…

  • Freezer pack
  • Sample bottle
  • Insulated box for return postage
  • Postal label
  • Delivery and return postal included in the price
  • We arrange pick up of samples
  • Instructions on how to use the service


Click here to view video instructions for the Bacteriological Postal Sampling collection procedure.

For more information or to purchase via a purchase order please contact us as testing@olmconsulting.co.uk


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